With top search engine optimization tips, you can optimize your site for the search engines and enhance its rankings by the search engines. After all, everybody wants to have their site rank higher in the search engines. When your site features at the top of the search engines results page, your site will receive more traffic. Nevertheless, you do not have to be carried away by SEO. The most ideal technique is keeping SEO simple and applying common sense. Our SEO experts highlight tips that you can apply in 2016 to enhance the ranking of your website by the search engines.

Optimize your site for rich answers

Your goal when optimizing your site for the search engines should be to provide rich answers to the internet users. Rich answers refer to answers appearing at the top of the organic search results. To optimize your site for these rich answers, you should optimize your site for the target keywords too. If your page rank in the first page of the search engine results page, it has higher chances of being included in the box of the rich answers.

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Enhance user engagement      

User engagement is considered as one of the ranking factors that search engines use. This refers to the average time that users spend on a website, pogo sticking and bounce rate among others. User engagement is a proven factor that is very important in influencing visitors to commit to your call to action. Nevertheless, measuring this factor is not easy due to lack of supporting data. Most experts agree that although user engagement is an indirect factor that influences search ranking, all website owners would like to optimize for so that they can get more from their SEO efforts. To rank higher with user engagement as a ranking factor, it is important that you use tools that will enable you to gain insights into the interaction of your website pages and visitors. Therefore, use tools that give you statistics of a website including tools that enable you to determine the accumulated links to determine interaction of a website with visitors.

Mobile optimization

The number of people that are using mobile devices to access the internet is increasing by the day. It is important that you optimize your site for mobile devices or develop a responsive website. A responsive site has increased loading speed on different mobile devices. When a site loads faster it has increased changes of retaining visitors. When a site is optimized for mobile devices, it has higher chances of receiving more visitors and influencing them to take the desired actions.

Adhere to the new quality guidelines by Google

Google is always releasing quality guidelines for SEO experts to use in optimizing websites. It is important that you follow the latest guidelines from Google while optimizing your site. This will enable you to optimize your site effectively without the risk of being penalized.

Basically, these are important search engine optimization tips that can guide you in optimizing your site for the search engines in 2016. For more tips (search into SEO St Louis Company at flavors.me) and help in optimizing your site contact us any time.